David Olsen (gee_tar) wrote,
David Olsen

This week is fired!

It's been nearly a year-and-a-half since I posted anything here. Part of that is because Facebook has taken up my posting (though I don't post much there either, any more) and part of that is because everyone seems to have migrated from Livejournal. I actually have a lot to write about right now, but, alas, time prohibits me from going into any detail. Still, there are a couple things I'd like to record for posterity and maybe I'll go into more detail at a later point. But this week...has been...one of the worst...weeks...of...my...LIFE!

It started with a horrific car accident. It ended (please let it end) with my roommate deciding to move out. In between, my Amazon account was hacked, my good shirts are lost somewhere on the Garden State Parkway, my contact lenses have disappeared to God knows where, and there's a possibility I have lymphoma. Yes, it's been a bad week.

But I'm going to Anonycon tomorrow and life will get better. I mean, it has to...right?
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